Event: 'Transition Movie Night: Growthbusters: Addicted To Growth' Print
  Greater Boston
Events taking place in the Boston area.
Date: Thursday, June 28, 2012 At 07:00 pm
Contact Info:
For more information please visit: http://jamaicaplainforum.org/2012/06/11/transition-movie-night-growthbusters-addicted-to-growth/

Location: The Nate Smith House, 155 Lamartine Street


Description: GrowthBusters is an irreverent exploration of society’s most fundamental beliefs about prosperity. Water shortages, hunger, peak oil, species extinction, and even increasing depression are all symptoms of a deeper problem – addiction to unending growth in a world that has limits. GrowthBusters goes way beyond prescribing Band-Aids to slow the bleeding. This film examines the cultural barriers that prevent us from reacting rationally to the evidence that current levels of population and consumption are unsustainable.


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