Event: 'MA: Sing Your Song (Susanne Rostock, 2011)' Print
  Pioneer Valley, MA
Events taking place in Pioneer Valley, MA.
Date: Thursday, March 01, 2012 At 07:30 pm

Location: MASS MoCA, 87 Marshall St., North Adams, MA

Descriptions: An up close look at a great and inspiring American, Harry Belafonte. A patriot to the last and a champion for worldwide human rights, Belafonte is one of the truly heroic cultural and political figures of the past 60 years.

Maintaining an international presence since the 1950s, Belafonte’s impact goes beyond entertainment, as he actively collaborated with Martin Luther King, fought against apartheid in South Africa, and challenged gang violence, among many other causes. Sing Your Song tells the story of Harry Belafonte’s life from his own perspective, exploring his life as a celebrity and humanitarian.